Friday, November 25, 2011

Thank you, Mr. Chocoloves!

Life is all unfair in every different ways. There’s no perfect person, commitment, love, or even the sense of understanding to each other. I am pretty sure that every individual has its own good and dark side throughout their lives which can make them mold into a better person in the next incoming lines. I was a little bit sad and confused for hearing such a unreasonable explanation in every aspect between the different people around the world. On the other hand, I felt like uneasy and have this twisted mind all over again and again until I didn’t hit up the right answers to my questions. Sometimes you have to give up some certain things, but giving up doesn’t always mean you are already weak and besides you are strong enough to accept it nor to handle in every hindrances that may come to you. On my side, I know how to listen and understand things (I mean, maybe not at all times) but as possible I have to for  the sake of the feelings of others and let’s accept the reality whether it is meant for you or not. My life has taken unexpected things; I am in the feeling of twist and turns life’s status. All plans were so okay until it turns into confusion and it’s so frustrating that it gives me to the point of depression. But sooner it will be so fine and workin' well so far. 

Big thanks to my sweet energizers that is always be able to stay me up for being happy and make my day a worry free. Choco sweets are my lovable partner that is already part of my whole  damn life since I was still young and until I reach my more incoming years. My treasure ♥.

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