Sunday, December 11, 2011


FREEDOM: Free Will, the ability to make choices.

Freedom is all we wanted for. We love Freedom, because we really love conviviality in our own lives.

In some instances, when you are going to give a certain freedom to a person, you give them an  opportunity as they could be as wide like Pacific Ocean, and you let them express their own point of views. For any random cases, there are some people who don't know to value the worth you've given to them when it's obviously that you are a kind of person who is receptive to any ideas of others. Someone's may lie just to keep you away for not being hurt, or they don't want to left you crying alone on the side.

Which is which? Lie or Truth?

LIE: Even you caught, they'll deny. EXCRUCIATING PAIN!

TRUTH: The truth always prevail. ACCEPTANCE! 

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