Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vows of Love

Marriage is not only the sacrament of love, but a sacrament of a total commitment to the everlasting life.

Today is the most brilliant part of my Auntie Lourdes together with her husband Uncle Edgar to make promises and make vows in front of the altar. They’ve been together for almost 10 years and finally decided to make this big event of their lives to the church, wherein  the first thing was just a civil wedding. I was chosen as their Maid of Honor and I am terrified to know about it since it is my first time to handle that role in most of the weddings.

In most weddings I’ve had been attended, the common line-up to the program are the slicing of cakes, message of bride and groom’s parents, selling of goods, dancing together in front of the visitors, and of course the moment of catching the bouquet and the garter which is also the most stunning part of the wedding program. All single ladies and all single men must attend to the said activity, and I was able to participate to the said event. When the bride tried to throw her bouquet backwards, it was coming to my way and I can’t deny the fact and was amazed that I also catch it unintentionally. Most of them are teasing me that sooner or later I’ll be the one to get married. Well, my groom will be in front of me someday and we'll be together forever.

 I looked so happy ;) Maybe this is a good sign!
 during the event ..

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