Thursday, February 2, 2012


Have you ever ask yourself about the definition of "Anime"?

The definition itself may vary of what is the framework of the film. Generally, in most English speaking countries they define and reffering it into Japanese animated cartoons.Like Manga - it contains a very large audience and recognized all over the world. There are different contents on how anime/s is/are so special like the Artwork, Storytelling, Cultural Nuances, and etc. Some people might think that anime is only for young kids, but they get it wrong. Anime is a wide-reaching in its subject matter, and depending on the genre of what anime film you are going to watch.


I am not tot'lly a big fan of anime characters or films, but I really love watching Cosplay ( Costume Play) . Yesterday, I came up with my idea to watch Kaichou wa maid-sama ( The President is a Maid ) which is a shojo manga series. I am excited to find it out since the genre is all about romantic comedy . This serve as my eye-opener about the field of anime/animation/anime characters/anime films...

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